Pictures Of 1966

In the Columbus Dispatch - Wednesday, June 8, 1966 (Courtesy of Jim Hayslip)
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Westerville High School 1966 Graduating Class
Sorry for the cracked areas, this picture has been rolled up since 1967 and cracked when I unrolled it.

Westerville High School Marching 99.
1965-66 school year

Willy in 1961 (plywood cut-out)
Willy Wildcat

Willy (Jerry West) in 1966

Fred Wilke and Phil Molyneux with their harpoon.
Senior Grub Day, 1966

Mr. Short has Class Spirit. Yea! 9961.
(Picture - 1966 Searchlight)

1966 Class Officers
Mary Jo Arnett, Carolyn Anglin, Kevin Noonan, Denis O'Brien.
(Picture - 1966 Searchlight)

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