Feel free to send in pictures of classmates in uniform or their military related pictures.

I would appreciate any current information on Classmate Addresses, Spouses, Phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

It would be nice if you would drop me an e-mail stating that your information is correct so I can date it as the latest update.

Classmate Addresses

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Classmates having any information that they would like to see on this site can e-mail it to me.

I would like to thank everyone that has written in with information and for their very kind words about this site.

Anytime anyone sees mistakes on this site, I would appreciate it if you would notify me so I can correct them,
I could use some help with updates and filling in blank spaces on the Classmate Address list.

"Senior Moments" and "Old Timers Disease" really do exist.
Thank you, Phil Molyneux

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