JAMES T. COLE - United States Marine Corps

Active Duty - July 6, 1966 to Feb. 20, 1970.
Inactive Reserve Duty - Feb. 21, 1970 to Mar 6, 1972.
Rank at discharge from active duty (E-4).
Discharge Status: Honorable.

Basic Training: MCRD San Diego, Ca. 1966.
Field Combat Training: Camp Pendleton, Ca. 1966.
Military Mechanics-4516 - Graduated 6 Aug. 1967.
Schools Battalion, Camp Pendleton, Ca.
Tank Crewman - Fifth Tank Battalion, Camp Pendleton Ca. 1966-67.
Military Police / Base Security - Naval Weapons Station, Concord, Ca. 1967.
Map and Aerial photography reading- MCI, Washington, D.C. 1968.
Pre Deployment Jungle Warfare Training - Camp Pendleton, Ca. 1968.

Military/Govt. Clearances - Top Secret.

Fifth Tank Battalion, Camp Pendleton, Ca. Mechanic – Tank crewman/mechanic.
Marine Garrison/ Naval Weapons Station, Concord, Ca. - MP/Base Security 1967.
Okinawa & The Republic of South Viet Nam 1968-1969. Term: 14 Months.
Second Battalion Forth Marines, Third Marine Division. Sector: Northern I Corps, 117th Parallel, Zone: DMZ / Quang Tri Province.
Notable Cities/Sites/Locations:
Da Nang, Dong Ha, Quang Tri, Dia Do, Phong Loc, Cam-Le, LZ Stud / Vandegrift Combat Base, Khe Sanh, Cue Viet, LZ Katz.
Second Service Battalion, Second Marines, Third Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC. - July 1969 – Feb. 1970.

National Defense Medal, Viet Nam Service Medal, Viet Nam Campaign Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, and good conduct awards.

Personal Injury Status: Disability Classification 10%.
He elected to decline a Purple Heart for minor Shrapnel and other injuries.

Notable Quotes:
“CRAP, we could win this thing if the XXXX politicians and media weren’t involved!”
“Lee Harvey and Jane’s best friends are expecting us to give them a warm reception, call in the napalm!”
“Get prepared, a cease fire is just a build up in disguise!”
“To the Dragon, “Thank you Puff, we really needed that!”
”In what other war has enemy territory ever been off limits to our boots?"
"We need for Bob Hope and the girls to entertain Charlie while we sneak in and take Hanoi out from under his sandals”
“If this is a police action, where the hell is my badge and overtime pay?”

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