Pamela Caruzzi

"Don Carlos", male paige.
My husband and I met when I was an extra in the Columbus Opera Company and
he was a stagehand. In my first opera, Don Carlos, I wanted to wear a period dress
but they made me a male paige with bloomers and a feather.
-Picture submitted by Pamela Caruzzi.

"Salome", slave.
Here I am as Salome's dancing slave. I was one of four. In real life we
were 2 librarians and 2 accountants just fulfilling our fantasies to briefly
be a sex symbol on stage in our fourties. But I'm the only one that came
home with a husband. -Picture submitted by Pamela Caruzzi.

"Rigoletto", dancing girl. - Doug had told everyone I was a shy, sweet librarian but then the vamp in me came
out with my dancing girl part. Doug followed me around and put a winter coat over me when I wasn't on stage.
I was wearing two wigs here. -Pictures submitted by Pamela Caruzzi.

I also played a blonde party-goer in"Rigoletto",

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