Tom Rose

Tom and his wife Pam were in an independent film named
"The Corner Room."
A quote from Tom, "Don't laugh at the non-fitting coat sleeves;
I was a poor guy in Poland for this film!"
Tom and Pam in the break room, January 11, 2016.
-Pictures submitted by Tom Rose.

The movie was set in 1939 and is about the Polish resistance to the Nazis. Tom is the tall man in the tan coat just to the left of the Nazi Officer
and Pam is right behind him. A Quote from Tom, "We did this film shoot in Glendale from 3:30pm to well after midnight, over & over again. Since
I was the biggest guy there, I was chosen to do an action/"stuntman" part, and catch the guy in front of me and ease him to the ground, This was
when he pulled a handgun on a Nazi, and the Nazi shot him. I must have caught him close to 10 times with rehearsals, and bad takes. Once I lost
my balance and I went down and knocked down 2 young women behind me like the domino effect. Fortunately Pam was beside me, not behind
so I didn't knock her down!"

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