Class Website Supporters

Rick Doone has done a really great job at keeping me up to date on the Classmates
that need to be on our Memorial List.

I appreciate it because it is really hard to keep up with this information.

Thanks Rick.

I personally want to thank Jerry West for the so many ways he has shown support
to me and this website.

He has always been a great friend and a very giving and loving person.

I thank Jerry for everything he has done for me. No-one will ever know just how
much his kindness, understanding and generosity has meant to me. I'm not
sure that Jerry even understands how much he has helped me.

Thank you Jerry.

Debby (Nealer) Bice has always been really good about sharing information with me for the site,
especially contact information for our classmates.

She has been a big help in getting information that I had no other way of getting.

Thank you Debby.

I want to thank Carolyn (Anglin) Myers for all the help she has been at freely helping keep me
up with information on our classmates for this website since she has been Chairman of the
Reunion Committee.

I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you Carolyn.

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