Teacher's Lounge

2009 Fairfield County Fair.

Mr. Dale Starr

Spotted at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds
in Lancaster, Ohio on October 11, 2009 by
Phil Molyneux.

Mr. Starr taught at Westerville High School
from 1961 to 1966. He taught many students
the thrill of dissecting a frog. He enjoyed
sports of all kinds, including golf. He was an
advisor for the Hi-Y and coached the Hi-Y
basketball team.

You can contact Mr. Starr at

Mr. Starr helps a student with a skin problem in 1966.


Mr. Starr's sideburns in 1973.

Dale Starr and Phil Molyneux, Maw Maw's Rest., Baltimore, Ohio, 09/09/2017.

The Hi-Y club, composed of boys interested in service, is a high school affiliation of the Y.M.C.A. The club, advised by Mr. Dale Starr, honors many guest
speakers throughout the year and actively enguages in basketball competition with other schools. This year the team won their respective league composed
of teams from other Mid-Eight schools.

Row 1: Dan Colvin, Micky Clark, Francis Dusenbury, Ron Earl, Dick Cornell, Jeff Linkous, Norm Phelps.
Row 2: Dale Starr, Randy Conley, Jim Nelson, Jim Hempy, Jim Tharp, John Paulus, Bill Pinar.

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