2014 through 2017
Image Winners Of 1 Award

"Village Barber"

"Where's The Snow?"

"Water Run"

"Tricolor Heron Fishing"

"Wings b&w"

"Weekend Wrencher 2"

"This Old House"

"Tractors Are Sexy 4"

"White Female"

"Vintage Emporium"

"White Ibis"

"White Pekin 2"

"Wooden Chair"

"Tractor Mailbox"



"Thomas Worthington's Barn"

"Tropical Red 2"

"Veterans At Christmas"

"The Old Shed"

"The Turk"

"The Pipe"

"That Golden Hour"

"The Gallows"

"Young Love 2"

"The Twins"

"Waiting Patiently"

"Zoar Hotel 2"

"Western Sky"

"That Look"

"Stellar Sea Eagle"

"Swamp 2"

"Spotted Jellyfish"

"Say What?"

"Red Among Green"


"Stork 2"


"Shape Of It"


"Party Girl"


"Puppy Love 2"

"Ride The Dragon"

"Polar Bear 2"

"Snail On A Rail"

"Spoonbill 001"


"Falling Creek Church"

"Sancho And His Grain"

"Pumpkin Hunting 2"

"Run Biddies, Run"

"Pumpkin Pie"

"Padlock 2"

"Peace Van"

"Pink Hybiscus"

"One In The Hand"

"Out Of The Chute"

"Outhouse 2"


"Ride Light"

"Nothing But Time"

"Meeting In The Park"

"Leveling Out"

"Sir Edmund"

"River Rafting"

"Ozzie's Towing"

"Loneliness 5"

"New Tomato"

"Itsy Bitsy Spider"

"Jersey And Calf"

"Flamingo 31"

"Mule Team"


"My Girlfriend"

"Ball Balance"

"Mounted Police"

"Milk Can Cart"

"Decorative Bird Houses"

"Javan Rhino"

"Haflinger Wagon"

"Li'l Reggie"

"Limb On The Lake"

"Hole In The Wall"

"Just Wing It"

"Log Fungus"


"Lucky's Tack"


"I Love Dirty Girls"

"Light House 1a"

"It's All Behind Me Now"

"Found In The Woods"

"Immature Moorhen"

"Goose Grass"

"Duck After Dark"

"Into The Sun"

"Faulty Wardrobe"

"Eastern Amberwing"

"Fly Flower"

"Glass Plus"

"Anole Up A Tree"

"Four Horns"

"Elephant 2"

"Frog Rodeo"

"Falls With A View"

"Dental Plan"

"Elephant 1"

"Goose Bridge 2"

"Dairy Barn"

"Flower Garden"

"Fishing Mamma"

"Child's Play"

"Drum Horse"

"Doe 007"

"David Brown"

"Down The Field"

"Bottle Wall 2"

"Barely Balanced"

"Bird 1002"

"Chacala's Anchor"

"Cricket Lunch"

"Candy Canes And Trees"

"Cafe Porch"


"Bronze Charriot"

"Battlefield Messengers"

"Corvette Clock"

"Buckskin Jump"

"April In October"



"Cows In Pond"

"Christmas Pony"

"Butterfly And Bud"

"Cow Lick"

"Apples On A Tree 1"

"Caterpiller 01"

"Assassian Bug"

"Bear Sleeping"

"Bee Hanging On"

"Back To Back"

"Above The Dove"

"61 Chevy"

"Black And Red"

"1955 Studebaker"

"Bear And Pedro"

"Algae Abstract"

"Andean Condor"

"Bridge In Cincinnati"

"Blue Penguin"

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