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2014 through 2017
Image Winners Of 2 Awards

"On Top Of It"

"Puppy Love bw"

"Spring Whites"

"Watching The Parade"


"The Color Rust"

"Tin Lizzy"

"Warhorse Head 2"




"The Apartments"


"Secret Thoughts"

"Steam By Case"


"Monkey Mommy"

"Zebra Swallowtail"

"The Grey"

"Sinking In The West"

"Lit After Dark"

"Pelican 2"

"Tiger Tongue"


"Polar Bear On The Rocks"

"Rumble Seat"

"Red River Hog"

"Its Been A Long Day"

"Mail Pouch"

"Refreshing Break"

"Peacock And Tulips"


"Red-belly In Flight"

"Over The River"


"Packard 03"

"Rod Interior"

"The Flock"

"Muddy Nap"

"Kiss In The Park"

"Male Hornbill"

"Spanish Cannon"

"My War Horse 2"

"Little Tyke"

"The Blessing"


"I Feel Pretty"

"Old Number 3"

"Hocking County 1"

"Learning To Cook"

"Kegs 2"

"In The City"


"Cow And Ruins"

"Flamingo 4"

"At The Fair"

"Gate To Autumn"


"Hens & Chicks"

"I Can See"

"Eating Grass"

"Fall Tree"


"Country Home"

"Fishing Close"

"Eggs 2"

"Coke Barn"


"Florida Mule And Cattle Egret"

"Goodbye Kiss"

"Dirty Fun"

"Chevy Van"

"Chinese Crocodile"

"Flea Portrait"

"Butterfly 002"

"Brown Pelican"


"Black Hen"


"Cafe Front"

"Baby Tamarin 2"

"Barn with Milkhouse"

"Brandy In B&W"



"Blue-tailed Skink"

"1922 Mack AB"

"African Crowned Crane"

"1966 Mustang"


"Behind The Restaurants"

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