2014 through 2017
Image Winners Of 3 Awards

"White Egret"

"Tex 2"

"Komodo Dragon 2"

"Tractors Are Sexy 3"

"Two For One"

"Undercover Frog 2"

"Mr. Quacker"

"Up In A Tree"

"The Girl Next Door"

"Topsy and Turvy"


"Tiger 42"

"Trees And Lights"

"Watermelon Time"

"The Playground"

"The Jogger"

"Whitetail 02"

"Super Jellyfish"

"Suwanee River 2"

"Three Amigos"

"Pumpkin Row"

"Tied Camel"


"Up In The Sky"

"Spider Lily In Water"

"Pioneer Days"

"Polly Parrot"

"Side Saddle"

"Purple Passion"

"The Jypsy Jesters"



"Rifle Butts"

"Lake Lights"

"Resting Muscovy"

"Proud Mamma"

"Mini Steam"

"Orb Weaver"

"Misty Cat"

"Peregrine Falcon"

"Palla's Cat 1"

"Seasonal Reindeer"

"Lucky Dressed"

"My Harem"

"On The Tree"

"Living Shadows"

"Leopard 2"

"Lucky and Tusox"

"Hay Barn"

"Light Trees"

"Last Home"

"Heron's Domain"

"Return To Cedar Key"

"Fancy Pheasant"

"Lighting Up"

"Forgotten Barn"

"Good Morning"

"Green Passion"

"Dragonfly 101"


"Butterfly 043"




"Brown Dragonfly 1"

"Blueberries 2"

"Bank Clock"

"Cumberland Falls"


"Antique Line"

"Bee Flower"

"Almost Ready"


"Bactrian Deer"

"1957 Studebaker Model"

"American Flag Downtown"

"A Gaggle"

"1922 Mack"

"A Little Mud"


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