2014 through 2017
Image Winners Of 4 Awards

"Young Love"

"Pane Frame"

"Kegs In Color"

"The Run-away Shack"

"Jersey Momma"


"Mum's The Word"

"Triple Trouble"


"Through The Wall"


"The Springhouse"

"Taking A Walk"

"Steam Tractor"

"Small Herd"

"Spotted Lily"

"Stone Falls"

"Lingering Raindrops"

"The Smile"

"Past Its Prime"

"Hey, Look At That"



"Mud Boggs"

"Inflating 1"

"Ford 2"

"Love My Bunny"

"Two Of A Kind"

"Run For The Win"

"Sarah Morince"

"Honey Bees"


"Dragonfly On Red Queen"

"Fire Hose"

"Goat Hideout"

"Garden Bridge"

"Spread Peacock"

"1937 Studebaker"

"Rearing 2"

"Belgian Love"

"1957 Packard"

"Massey Harris Duo 2"

"Blackbok Antelope"

"Butterfly 042"

"Dirty Girl 2"

"Andean Condors"

"All Alone"


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