2014 through 2017
Image Winners Of 5 Awards

"Barrel Number One"

"Mohawk Of A Different Color"

"Nutty Squirrel"

"The Face Of Dixie"

"African Lion Male"


"Longaberger Basket Office Building"

"In The River"

"Inflating 2"

"Buckeye Central Train"

"Bad Baby"

"Dragonfly On New Leaves"

"Golden Hour Shoot"


"Wagon Wheel And Lantern"


"Barred Owl"


"The Lineup"

"Polar Bear 4"

"Daisy Field"

"Yellow Headed Pelican"

"Baby Tamarin"

"Run 'Em"


"Days Of Old"

"Tinted Valley"

"Beard 1"


"In The Rookery"

"Vincent 2"

"Blue And Gold Feathers"

"From The Road"

"Capybara Love"


"1934 Plymouth"

"Bay Gelding"

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