My Dear and the Deer

Paul Molyneux

My dear met some deer while she drove-in to work. 
It was a chance meeting, just sort of a quirk. 
‘Twas early one morning, just after sunrise 
When those two graceful fauna gave her a surprise. 

She was zipping along in her usual way 
When the deer strutted out.  Were they wanting to play? 
They suddenly leaped out in front of my wife 
Which gave her a start, nearly shortened her life. 

She shuddered and quaked as she stepped on the brake, 
But fate dealt her a blow that was quite hard to take. 
It all happened so fast there was naught she could do 
And the deer population was lowered by two. 

That signaled the end of her travel that day, 
Because those two ruminants got in the way. 
My wife had sustained not a bruise or a scar 
But I can’t say the same for her little red car! 

Published April, 1997 -- NOVL Writer