Published Bi-monthly On The Ides Of The Odd Numbered Months
Vol. 11; No. 1               May 15, 2009

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Featured Works
Bill Of Sale
Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Tommy's Mommy
Aaron Rowley
A Western Proposal
Tom Sheehan
Woman On Top
Anne Brooke

Articles and Essays

The Memory Of Water
Swan Morrison
Updating My Fears
Don Arthur
Issue Schmissue
Paul Molyneux
Featured Works


Impertinent Sonnet
Zsófi Crow
The Truth ‘Bout Ol’ Carlton Lemley
Kenny Blade
Laurie Christopherson
The Actress
Swan Morrison
Reuniting Rosy
Myrna Beth Lambert
On Second Thought
Paul Molyneux
The Digital Non-sensor
Photo Humor
Editor's Column
Paul Molyneux
Rhyme Tyme
A double dose of Bob's finest
Bob Wombacher, Jr.
"TIS NEWS! (Ain't It?)
Headline Digest
for those who missed out.

George Albitz
Short Stuff
Rejected Team Names
Random Humor
Lost Authors
Curtain Rods
Who Wrote It?
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