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Adopt-A-Loaf Guidelines
Any writer's group is eligible to adopt an issue of Laughter Loaf. If you are interested and are not a member of a group, join one. Better yet, start one!
Adopting an issue of Laughter Loaf consists of supplying material fo fill the entire publication. All the guidelines listed above will apply to each piece submitted. We reserve the right to make the final selection of material so that the special issue will remain consistent with our slant and our editorial policies.
Laughter Loaf is committed to supplying a platform for publishing clean humor for as many authors as it can. In return for the material, not only will the contributors receive exposure for their work, but we will dedicate an entire page to promoting the group as well. The format and content of this promotional page will be seleted as a joint effort between Laughter Loaf and the adopting group. Refer the issue to other writers in your area who might be prospective members.
Discuss the idea with your group members to be sure they are committed to the idea and then email Laughter Loaf with your intentions. We'll get the ball rolling from there. If you aren't sure of the commitment or have questions, email us anyway.
checkmark  NEEDS

Laughter Loaf uses short stories, parodies, satire, poems, essays, cartoons, and humorous drawings. We are most interested in publishing stories that have a beginning, middle and an ending. Short stories will receive preference in final selection. Any genre is acceptable so long as it fits our slant of clean humor. At present, we have special needs for poems and essay (column) type humor.

We are not prudes and do not expect everything to be saccharine sweet, but we will not go beyond a PG-13 rating. Please avoid obscenities, overt sexual content, illicit drugs, irrespondible drinking, and degrading situations. We print the best material available based on humorous content and good writing style whether it is written by a thirty-year professional or a first-time hopeful. Manuscripts under 1,500 words are preferred. Longer works will be given serious consideration, but are at a disadvantage.

For our "TIS NEWS (Ain't it?), we are looking for funny news items beyond the newspaper. These must be short (400 word maximum, except for special arrangement) and may include a picture.

We publish on the 15th of the odd-numbered months.

checkmark  SUBMISSIONS

Email submissions are preferred. The following formats are acceptable: ASCII, RTF, MSWord, MSWorks, Word Perfect. You may include your submission in the body of your email. Be sure that all submissions include a snail mail address as well as an email address.

Submit hard copy double-spaced with ample margins. Include name, address, and phone number on the first page. Last name and title should appear on each successive page. Don't forget the SASE with sufficient postage (#10 envelope if the manuscript is disposable). Submissions without SASE will not be answered. (Note to contributors outside the U.S.A.—return postage must be in U.S. postage or International Exchange coupons. The USPS will not deliver mail originating from the U.S. with foreign stamps on it.

Reprints will be considered—please note on the manuscript. We like cover letters. Please allow 8-10 weeks for a response.

Cartoons and artwork, if submitted hard copy, must be on white paper. Please send a clean reproduction rather than the original. The USPS can be a pain with originals, at times. Disk or email submissions may be GIF, TIF, BMP, or JPG. While BMP makes for large files, we prefer the submission in this format because we can resize to our needs and remain more faithful to the original. Please allow 8-10 weeks for a response.

Send email submissions, queries, and/or comments to

Send all hard copy correspondence to: Laughter Loaf; Paul Molyneux, editor; 824 W. Market St.; Baltimore, OH 43105


Laughter Loaf uses one-time rights only and will appear in a "current issue" for 8 to 9 weeks, depending on the length of the months involved. All rights revert to the author/artist upon publication.

After a work appears in a current issue, it will be placed in the archive file.

One of our top priorities, as we grow, is to add monetary payment as soon as budget permits.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your work.

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