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Surfing Fun
Here are some links that Laughter Loaf finds interesting and worthwhile. The only requirement that put them on this list is that we like them.
They reflect our interests and whim. Try 'em all. We will be updating this list as often as we find neat places that please our weird, eclectic tastes.

Humorous Writing
Clever Magazine
A great site for leisure reading, Clever is not devoted entirely to humor. It features travel articles, human interest pieces and fiction and various other material. Open to new contributors.
Faith R. Foyil
Click on this one to get familiar with Bombeck Award winner, Faith Foyil. You'll find some of her short works plus information on two terrific books.
Family Daze
This is Debbie Farmer's terrific family humor site. Syndicated in many newspapers, Debbie lets parents know that life as a parent is survivable.
Good Clean Fun!
Tom Ellsworth is your host at this huge family humor archive.If you can't find something here that you really like, then you have no sense of humor (and probably no personality, either).


Humor and Life, in Particular!
Marge Culbertson's great web site for both readers and writers of humor. Sponsor's Humor Writing Contests and an online humor writing critique group.
The Humor Writer
Carole Moore is a freelance humor writer. Her site is a wonderful showcase for her work and just simply a fun place to go. Try it.
Joan Upton
Joan Upton hall is a successful author in fiction and non-fiction. Here web site is well done and introduces you, not only to her writing, but to her services as a writing consultant.
Lisa Barker's
Jelly Mom
Syndicated columnist, Lisa Barker, proves "It's time to duck the flying mashed potatoes and get real about parenting and the modern domestic life with Jelly Momô." Laugh, cry, laugh some more.
Marian Allen's
Fiction Site
Marian Allen writes science fiction, fantasy, mystery, humor, horror, mainstream, and anything else she can wrestle into fixed form.
Lori Switaj:
Lori is a freelancer from Avon Lake, Ohio with many awards to her credit. She offers some wonderful samples of her work on this site.
Gina Ritter:
Lots of good stuff here besides good humor. Check it out. You'll make it a regular.


Where I Live...
This is Tim Bete's (pronounced "Beet") wonderful site of humor about family life. It is updated weekly and represents some of the finest in family humor.
Jim Carpenter
This man has a drawing gift and a warped mind. What a terrific combination!
Strange Breed
If you are a Far Side fan, you'll love the wonderfully wacky cartoons of Steve Langille.

Miscellaneous Humor
Churches ad hoc
A wonderful photo essay involving churches with superb tongue-in-cheek captions. Well worth your viewing time!
Queendom is an internet magazine with a difference: They provide an interactive avenue for self-exploration with a healthy dose of fun...and thus the motto "serious entertainment." Tests, tests, tests, and more tests.
De beren worden steeds slimmer. Bouncing acrobat teddy bears.

The FBI Files on YOU!
Now that the laws have changed regarding secrecy rights, you may go to this site and access the records that the government keeps on you. I was shocked. NOT FUNNY!
7M Pictures
Who says Hollywood is the only place for professional movie-makers? Columbus, Ohio is home to these ambitious pros.

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