What is it?

Why have it?

Laughter Loaf is a bimonthly humor magazine that is built on two premises: 1) It is possible to be funny and witty without being dirty, vulgar, and degrading. 2) There are many people who want to read such humor.

We started as Wry Bred Magazine, a quarterly hard print zine.  The first issue appeared in February of 1996.  While we are still quite small, our first year resulted in the publication of 42 writers/artists representing 22 states and three foreign countries.  The contributors ranged in age from 13 to 84.  Those who saw their work in print for the first time numbered 14.

We are always receptive to new material.  See the guidelines section for details.  We strive to comment on or critique as many submissions as possible, but sometimes time does not allow us this privilege.

Laughter Loaf presents the work of various authors and artists.  The web site format and design are copyright by Paul D. Molyneux.  Each published author or artist retains full rights to his/her work.  Any copying of material from this site is in direct violation of the creator's rights and is forbidden.

Thank you for visiting with us.  Relax and look around.  We're sure you will find things to your liking.

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